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Purchase Order Terms and Conditions


ō  Right of Access:† Right of access is reserved by United Engineering Company, their customer, and regulatory authorities to all facilities involved in the order and to all applicable records. Right of access shall include witness of work in process if necessary.


ō  Quality Management System Aerospace Requirements:† Seller is required to maintain a certified/registered Quality System in compliance with ISO9001, as amended.† If sellerís Quality Management System is not certified/registered, they must have objective evidence that a Quality Management System is in place.† United Engineering Company reserves the right to conduct surveillance at Sellerís facility to determine that Sellerís Quality System meets the requirements as required herein.† A copy of ISO9001/AS9100 may be obtained from Society of Automotive Engineers website at: http://www.sae.org.


ō  Change in Quality Management Representative:† The Seller must promptly notify United Engineering Company of any changes in the Management Representative with assigned responsibility and authority for the quality system.


ō  Retention of Records:† Quality Assurance Records shall be maintained on file at Sellerís facility and available upon request to United Engineering Company, customers of United Engineering Company and Regulatory Authorities in the United States.† Seller shall retain such records for a period not less than 5 years from the date of final payment under the applicable purchase order.


ō  Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR):† Where Seller is requested to complete a SCAR, Seller will submit its response within ten (10) business days of receipt of such request unless United Engineering Company provides an extension.


ō  Nonconformance Reporting:† Seller shall notify United Engineering Company by written notification (E-mail) within one (1) business day when a suspect/nonconforming product is determined to exist, on products currently at suppliers or their sub-tiers, or after products have already been delivered to United Engineering Company.† Seller shall supply the following at minimum:

Purchase order for which nonconforming product was contracted

Part numbers and serial numbers of nonconforming product

Description of nonconformance or problem

Seller shall notify the United Engineering Company Procurement Agent and/or Quality Assurance Manager.


ō  Certification of Compliance (CofC):† Seller shall provide a Certificate of Compliance for each process contracted by the purchase order.† The CofC shall include control identity (e.g., heat lot, qty, part, serial number) of material/item tested and/or processed, actual values when applicable and shall be signed by Sellerís Authority Agent.† CofC copies must accompany the shipping container, either inside or with transporting personnel.† Copies may also be e-mailed or faxed if pre-arranged with United Engineering Company Quality Assurance Manager.


ō  Product Traceability:† Seller shall ensure that product traceability is maintained throughout the contracted processes.† United Engineering Company identifies each part with unique serialization which is stated on all purchase orders.† This serialization must be maintained for United Engineering Company customer requirements.


ō  Process Control:† Seller and itís Sub-tier suppliers shall assure that all appropriate personnel are familiar with engineering drawings, part lists, and special instructions for the Program, and that controlled copies of engineering are made available at the place of operation.† Upon receipt of purchase orders and prior to planning the work, Seller shall verify that all processes are within the approved scope of work.† Seller shall incorporate the engineering within its route cards, travelers, job instructions or manufacturing outlines, and use only qualified equipment and/or operators, ensuring that persons are aware of their contributions to product or service conformity, use product safety, the importance of ethical behavior, and the need to prevent the use of counterfeit parts.


ō  Instructions for Shipping and Packaging:† Seller shall ensure all products are prepared and packed to prevent damage and deterioration during transport to United Engineering Company, or, to and from their sub-tier suppliers (when applicable).


ō  Sellers and Sub-Tiers:† Seller shall ensure proper flow down of all applicable requirements to any sub-tier suppliers utilized.


ō  Terms of Payment: Net 45 days


ō  Expedite/Late Deliveries: Delivery date shall be as indicated on the purchase order. If seller cannot comply with the stated delivery date, United must be notified in writing of the achievable delivery. Seller shall not charge for expedited delivery ahead of stated delivery date unless written authorization is provided by United. Late deliveries shall be subject to financial penalties.


ō  Back Charges: Seller shall be subject to back charges for discrepancies caused by seller that require rework and/or rejection tags.

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